Winter Transition

It happens every year.  The dreaded drop in temperature, the dryness, the itchiness, and the unnecessary flakiness. 

For some reason, I still get surprised when it happens.  As though I don't know what's happening to my precious body. Hairs shedding like they're deliberately trying to get away from me.  Skin out here biting me, angry as ever. It can be quite frustrating.

I can hear my body saying, 'Alright Mary, it's time to up the ante!'

Moisture during this transition is key.  I can't stress it enough. 

The main goal is to protect the hair from the harsh elements, seal in the moisture, thus reducing breakage. As well as keeping the skin in good condition.

Here are some ideas:

If you wash your hair once a week, ditch the shower cap. Hair loves the steam treatment that comes with a hot shower.

Get used to sealing damp hair with a tiny bit of oil or butter. Very little is needed. I like to use my B's Mix Whipped Shea, she always gets my scalp feeling all calm and tingly.

Fortify your spray bottle 💪🏾(if you have one) Either with essential oil or with our Nourishing Hair Elixir. Learn more about Spray Bottles here.

Use a Butter Bar after you shave.  The high amount of Cocoa Butter does an excellent job at protecting and healing vulnerable skin.

Now...that shower cap I asked you to ditch earlier comes in good use with this idea.  Simply spray your hair with whatever is in your spray bottle and cover with your shower camp for at least 2 hours.  I love this method.  It never fails to softening my hair strands.  

Drink your water 💧Period.

Deep condition regularly.  I like to use whatever I have at home.  An avocado, banana, greek yogurt or whatever you prefer.  Find DIY Deep Conditioner recipes here.

Once a week, drench your hair during a shower.  No shampoo or conditioner. Just water.  Seal lightly and style as usual.

Protective hairstyles like braids/scarf or wig can also reduce breakage.  However, make sure that you are keeping your hair moisturized or else this method could backfire.

Please keep in mind that these ideas will not be perfect for everyone.  My hope is that you can grab an idea or two and benefit.

Do you have some ideas to keep your hair and skin in top condition during the winter?  I'd like to know! 

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