Can the Whipped Shea Butter Mix be used on both my hair and skin?

Yes! Our Whipped Shea Butter Mix is actually intended for both skin and hair.  Use it to seal in twist outs, tame 'fly-aways' and moisturize your skin right out of the shower.

Where's my order?

Orders are typically processed between 5-7 business days.  USPS priority shipping arrives within 2-3 business days and UPS within 1-3 business days after processing. 

Processing may take longer during the holidays. 

Due to COVID restrictions and a limited amount of employees your package arrival may take longer than usual.

If you haven't received a shipping confirmation email within 10 business days, email us at Remember to include your order number.

Are your products hypo-allergenic?

No.  Most of our products contain Shea Butter which is derived from the Shea Nut.  This can be linked to certain tree nut allergies.

What ingredients do you use?

Here at Jimmy&Mary's we pride ourselves on the quality and time that we give to each one of our products. Every jar of our whipped shea butter mix is a handmade blend of shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, and a unique blend of flavors, extracts and essential/clean fragrant oils. Our Authentic Soaps start off with a generous portion of shea butter and our unique bath soaks focus on moisture while soothing the senses. 

We also use fresh ingredients like avocado, flaxseeds, and coconut milk.  

Are your products okay for vegans?

We are proud to say that our products are 100% Vegan!! 

My Whipped Shea Butter has melted!!! What do I do?

Because we stay away from preservatives, our butters can melt.  Especially during the summer months.  No worries though!  The nutrients are still there and your butter is just as effective.  Simply pop your jar in the fridge to re-solidify.  Now you won't have the whipped consistency but you'll still have the skin loving properties that we all love. 

Why Are My Products Discolored?
All of our products are made from natural ingredients.  We try our best to stay clear of any toxic preservatives. Due to this, your products may discolor slightly.  This is simply because an essential/fragrant oil interacts with other ingredients in the product over time.  No worries your product is still effective.