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Selenite is a form of mineral gypsum named after the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Moon.  It is relatively clear and well formed.

Selenite is fast and effective at cleansing the auric field, and it can clear congested energies or negativity from one's physical and etheric body.

Selenite Wands are particular helpful to those using it for healing as it is ideal for purification and energy cleansing.

When one combines several stones and attaches them to a Selenite Wand, the energies of the group are blended and amplified, emanating from the wand as a harmonious whole.

Each wand is approximately 4 inches.  Ethically sourced in Morocco, our crystals are mined and polished using methods that leave the smallest footprint possible on Earth.

Includes: (1) 4" Raw Selenite Wand

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